About Us


As the owner of From the Ground Up and a former United States Army Ranger, Jason Aduddell is dedicated to excelling in what he does best, providing solutions for your home.  He has 15+ years of experience and he is an experienced professional that will provide you with quality services.

From the Ground Up's success rests upon the strong foundation of ethical values and a commitment to becoming a premiere leader in providing effective, efficient and accessible services in the home improvement industry.

From the Ground Up is determined to continuously strive to be the best in a very competitive remodeling industry.  From our inception, these important principals have ensured our success:

  • We use a strategic and systematic approach throughout the process of every project.

  • We strive to exceed our customer's expectations.

  • We only provide high quality services at the most competitive costs.

  • We are accessible!  Our managers, representatives and even the owners are accessible to our clients. 

Communication is the key to providing the best services possible.



It has now been six months since you completed our five-month project of two complete bathroom remodels, new hardwood floors & a new 2nd story 100sf closet off the master bedroom, as well as the conversion of my previous walk-in closet into a fully-tiled shower. Over this time, not only have we thoroughly enjoyed the new look, feel and spaciousness, every person who has seen the work has been high impressed. I want to thank you for the quality of your work and the integrity you displayed by making sure the job was done right.


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